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There’s A Home Run Hidden In That Data!

Leveraging data to optimize both your operations and marketing is not a new concept in the least. Since the invention of data processing, businesses have been using ERPs, MRPs, CRMs, and other evolving systems to cull information to report and analyze our process. However, with the growing implementation of AI and deep machine learning, as well as the changing business environment due to COVID-19 isolation, all of the sudden, we are discovering new ways to use this data in smarter ways to project forward as well as reporting on the past. 

Remember the movie “Moneyball”? Before the analytic experts came into the picture, decisions in baseball were done the old-fashioned way. Yes, there was data, and players and strategy considered basic stats such as stolen bases, batting average, etc.   But with Sabermetrics (as it was called), the way data related was looked at in different ways, people started looking at this information, and how it relates to other data, in new ways. New analysis was done, and in 2002 and 2003 the Oakland As were able to make the playoffs against much richer competitors by taking a holistic view of information. Baseball and other sports management has never been the same. 

Did you ever wonder if there were new ways to leverage your company’s data in new and innovative ways? Are processes managed by people with traditional intrenched knowledge of “the way it’s always been done”? Perhaps it’s time to have a data-centric outsider take a look, and discover new ways to assess your processes, and make information more meaningful and forward looking, rather than just a way to compare against past performance.   

At AnswerPoint, we help our clients find those hidden gems of information to improve your business processes, find new profitability, and build closer relationships by sharing with your customers and suppliers. We are not just another development house. Our team is experienced in implementing data-driven innovative business management, sales, and operations. This enables us to bring a unique outside perspective to identify latent opportunities in your business. We love to talk about this stuff! Why don’t you give us a call at 216-744-2036 today or set up an appointment to discuss what we might be able to do for you. No obligation!


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